Medesy is the embodiment of the huge know-how spread over 6 centuries of Maniago smiths’ art history, from the Renaissance to present-day. Surgical instruments are products whose “added value” is closely linked to the quality of the human resources. This value is the expression of the culture and passion of ingenious and industrious craftsmen, dedicated to their profession as if it were an expression of art.
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we export to 103 Countries
Our 600 years of history are the best guarantee for our customers

Medesy enjoys an excellent reputation all over the world and is obtaining satisfactory results in many Countries, gradually enhancing its presence on new markets and collecting further appreciation in all professional circles. Medesy currently exports its instruments to more than 103 Countries.

Our research

From a daily contact with our customers and the special a attention we confer to our partners’ needs we draw the motivations and the suggestions to keep on improving our instruments. Medesy works in close cooperation with opinion leaders and professors of worldwide universities in order to design and produce the best innovative instruments, such as the Dr. F. Comella’s drop shape mirror, the Gracey curette with new innovative handle and titanium tips and the Black Sharp scissors.

But our commitment to research is urging us to achieve even further goals:

From our R&D department a new company has been created, MEDESY ENGINEERING, whose specific and unique mission will be to develop new materials and new products.

EXOMED™ is the extraordinary result of Medesy Engineering: EXOMED™ is an instrument which allows the extraction of teeth and roots with minimal trauma: the periodontal and alveolar tissues remain fully undamaged after the extraction.

No need of forceps and root elevators, nor to perform a luxation before extraction!