Exomed™ is designed to perform extractions with minimal trauma.

Exomed™ is recommended to perform alveolar extractions of teeth with or without crown.


1 BS – Supports
2 Extractor
3 RS 16 – Root screw ø 16
4 RS 18 – Root screw ø 18
5 COK – Kevlar cord
6 Pliers
7 PUEX – Universal tips
8 PRA – Prismatic tips for roots
9 EL & EC – Manual Root extractors
10 KL & KC – Screwdrivers
11 PRS – Bur extender

The most remarkable advantages of Exomed™-extraction

The periodontal and alveolar tissues remain fully undamaged after the extraction, no lacerations, no huge bleeding, the neighboring tissues are practically perfect after the operation. It is a fully reliable alternative technique allowing the immediate insertion of the implant in a perfect and undamaged alveolus.
No need to perform a luxation before the extraction. Smaller in size than a forceps: no need for the patient to remain full open mouth as required with conventional techniques.
The extraction of roots and damaged teeth or partially ruined teeth is really easier and faster. The extraction made with Exomed™ does not require any special high pulling force of the dentist.
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