Instructions for use

EXOMED™ is utilized in a manual way and no other additional tool is required for its functioning.

Selection of the supports
Evaluate the neighboring areas of the tooth/root to be removed and choose the correct type of supports. The long axis of the extractor must be positioned as much as possible parallel to the occlusal plane. Hence the need to choose exactly the supports which may offer you the best adjustment both horizontally and vertically.

The Supports can be installed in holes H1, H2 or H3 of the Extractor depending on the chosen area of support, the aim is to obtain the best distribution of the load.

The positioning of the supports can be regulated vertically through their screws, and horizontally by adjusting the distance between the supports themselves. This can be done by selecting the most suitable hole among a scale of three holes outfitted on the extractor.
To obtain the full and precise adjustment of the distance rotate the supports on their axis.